Where Science and Buddhist Mind Meet

All too often, Buddhism gets lumped in with the other religions, Hinduism in particular.  But even though Buddhist view arose from within a Hindu environment, Gautama Buddha’s insight went far beyond the god-oriented view of Hinduism, into what what can only be regarded as the worlds first psychology – such that, though not often acknowledged, Buddhist thought lies at the core of most contemporary psychological theory.

But not only that, Gautama Buddha had incredible insight into the nature of physical reality as well, breaking it down to to its systems and parts, even down to sub-atomic particles, which he termed ‘kalapas’, described as being:  “tens of thousands of times smaller than a particle of dust, and coming into existence and disappearing in as little as a billionth of a second or a trillionth of the blink of an eye” – a fair description of atomic particles as we have come to know them only recently.

Because, bear in mind, this incredible notion was declared 2300 years before an English chemist in the 1800’s, John Dalton, performed experiments that showed that matter seemed to consist of elementary ‘lumpy’ particles (atoms).

This video is a wonderful journey into the connexion between mind, material and illusion that Buddhism has always been … and which science is rapidly becoming.


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