Stop! … Your Life Could Be Different.

you-deserve-betterEverybody comes to meditation looking for things to kind of  ‘add on’  to the life they have, thinking that somehow, meditation is like any other consumer item which, if only they could ‘get it’ they would be happy in the kind of life we’ve been taught to live by our culture.

And from within these lives of compulsive consumerism; of vicious competition, hyper-activity, acquisition and self centredness, they try to meditate.  They try to find calm and peace for themselves in lives that are totally at odds with those qualities.

It doesn’t work.  Now matter how much you meditate, there is no peace or calm in a life like that.

Meditation cannot change us if we are not prepared to change.

And this beautiful film will explain why.

Please watch this … it’s utterly inspiring  … yet, as the film unfolds, we find it’s what we already know in our hearts.

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