A Word From Mr Watts About Pain

About thirty years ago, I happened to find a book in a second hand bookshop called ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity’.  It was a wonderful book, written by Alan Watts, the man in this video.

And so was begun, through a long chain of cause and effect, my eventual headlong dive into a lifelong fascination with meditation.

Alan Watts (1915 – 1973) was a British philosopher and writer who had a unique ability to pierce the coagulated theory that tends to build up around Buddhism, and reveal the essential truths within it in a wonderfully lucid way.

Yesterday I found this clip of Alan Watts speaking in the 1950’s about PAIN, so, having recently received some questions about pain in meditation from people using my audio course, I thought I’d give the floor to the man who originally inspired me.

Though his manner is very … well, ’50’s … nevertheless, the information he gives is still vivid, and relevant.

It’s about 28 minutes long, and fascinating.