Teaching Children to Meditate

Ever since I began my fascination with meditation, I’ve wondered why such a profoundly useful skill was not taught in schools – indeed, I’ve wondered at a lot of things missing from our education, including teaching kids about how to think efficiently, about their emotions, about enterprise and entrepreneurship, about money and how to invest it – all kinds of things.

But of all of these things, I think the most pivotal and essential skill, is meditation.

So it was with great interest that I listened to this program from NPR in America, sent to me by Leeda (thanks Leeda), and was gratified to find at last, schools are beginning to understand that mind is much more than just information.

The leader to the program says:

“American children need reading, writing and arithmetic. They need science, technology, engineering, art, literature. They also, says a new movement, need a psychological tool kit filled with attention, perseverance, emotional control, “mindfulness.” Some now call it character.

The habits of mind that make all else possible. Taught in school. Classrooms are now taking time out for meditative moments. Getting centered. Getting mindful. The call it self-regulation. Emotional learning. Right alongside the “three-R’s”.”