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 ‘HAPPY TO BURN’ – written in 1994


I wrote this book in response to my own confusion when I first began meditation – to clarify the misconceptions and bring together as much information about the practicalities of meditation as I could. Also, I wanted to explain the methods and use exercises to illustrate how to carry them out, so anyone could begin a meditation practice in their own time, and learn at their own pace.  Over 40,000 copies of this book have been downloaded world wide since 2000.


‘Your book ‘Happy to Burn’ has given me an understanding of meditation I could not find anywhere else …’
– Alice, Sydney Aust.

‘Your writing is clear and your understanding of meditation has given me a confidence I could not find before …
– Andrew, Buckinghamshire, GB


 ‘LOVE & IMAGINATION’- written 2002

Roger Edit test-001

This book follows from Happy to Burn, expanding on the methods. As such it is recommended that ‘Happy to Burn’ be read before this book, to give a proper grounding in the meditation methods.

Alice from the UK: ‘… I’m amazed that, after having been written about for so long by so many, meditation could have remained so inaccessible to me for so long – until I read your book. Thank you, Mr Wells, for making something so wonderful feel close and accessible to me for the first time.’

‘Health & Wellness’ March 2001 …

… “As the follow-up to ‘Happy to Burn’, and obtainable as a free download from Roger Wells’s website, ‘Love & Imagination’ is an elegant explication of meditation and how to do it. In clear, precise language, the book both inspires and motivates us to meditate, simply by explaining exactly what to do, and why we should do it. A collection of stories, aphorisms and fascinating research into the physiology and psychology of meditation, this book is an inspiring and entertaining read. Right from the first page, it made me want to begin meditating and never stop.”

8 thoughts on “Free Books

  1. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for your website and all it’s practical information. I meditated for many years and had plenty of interesting experiences. But two of them are the reasons I have been afraid to meditate again. One was the visions and voices that became more frequent (astral realm? Mental realm? Spirit realm?). The other that scared me proper was a very very strong sensation of energy/electricity that “approached” me during meditation one night. It did not seem to come from within, but seemed to come from outside towards me. It was extremely powerful (overwhelming) energy. I’ve read plenty about kundalini and energy vibrations etc but the fear of “spirit realm contact” and the energy I experienced really chased me away! Any helpful thoughts from your own experience?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Cliff, quite aside from speculation about ‘energies’ and Kundalini or spirit realms, you must remember your mind is the maker of your reality, and most of what it makes is highly subjective – that is to say, there is very little of what we regard as ‘reality’ that is provable in any ultimate way. The only dependable reality we have are our raw senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling. They feed us sensations which, depending on how we feel, or whatever mix of hormones are charging our blood, or preconceptions we have, we concoct a ‘reality’ out of them. For this reason, we should always be skeptical of what our mind makes or thinks about our raw experience.

      The ONLY reality we have is our raw senses – it is undeniable that we see, hear, feel, taste and smell, as well as thought energy that arises and passes away – but what we make of these sensations is, as I said, entirely subjective – a story that is entwined with everything we have experienced previously.

      So, the meditation I train people in, and which I recommend, is Vipassana meditation. And Vipassana meditation is completely concerned with teaching the mind to let go of illusions and see things AS THEY ARE, rather than as what we THINK they are’

      That is to say, we teach the mind to favor our raw EXPERIENCE of reality over what we make of it.

      So, when we experience anything, we learn to reduce it to the sensations first, BEFORE we think about it or imagine what it might be. Thus ”energy vibrations’ become simply sensations in the body, and thoughts passing through the mind and perhaps fear or whatever transitory reaction arises. Same with any other illusions – ghosts, spirits whatever – all simply sensations in the body and reactions. In this way we train the mind to cling to the only ultimate reality it has in the sea of illusion we live in – the raw sensations of the body. They do not lie.

      Cliff, I have meditated intensively in temples throughout Sri Lanka and Thailand, in dark forests and graveyards and abandoned buildings, and I have experienced many things that frightened me, surprised me, amazed me and challenged me. And I have known monks, nuns and many meditators who also have experienced all kinds of phenomena and delusions – but no matter how convincing were the illusions we have all experienced, in the end, we all saw there is nothing to be frightened of so long as you stick to the raw sensations – and see things as they are, rather than what you make of them -our entire life experience is simply sensations and feelings in the body, thoughts in the mind. That’s all.

      And what we make of them is only a dream.

      As was once said by John Kennedy, ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’ – and so it is with the things you are frightened of. There is nothing to fear in meditation. Nothing will hurt you or threaten you, other than your own fear. So I strongly recommend you get a copy of my audio course, or go to a good Vipassana meditation teacher and learn how to meditate efficiently, without all these fearful illusions.

      Let me know if you would like to find a good Vipassana course near you.
      cheers Roger

      1. This is interesting. I think I may have accidently become a totally detached person when it comes to these phenomenon. I’ve placed meaning on all sorts of things in the past – contact with angel, demon pocession – (objects busting into flames).. and have ascribed all sorts of meaning to them. I find people will try to place meaning on anything they can, but I don’t anymore, bceause I know it is imaginary and something which the mind creates. I do however, find it fun to explore ‘theories’ like being alien, or in touch with other rhelms. Though I find that quite actually, life itself is enjoyable, fun and pleasing on the senses. I’m assuming meditation is to be ever present and ever aware. To ever be awake

      2. Meditation is indeed like an awakening – where we discover the mind behind the mind we use to engage with the stuff of our life – work, distractions and reactions. Using meditation, we slowly deconstruct that edifice of mindless habits to re-discover the awareness that is the most profound aspect of existence – which reconnects us with the universal.
        And you’re right – so much of what we give belief to is simply different permutations of surface mind – religion in all its forms, paranormal phenomena and so on … all of it both exists and does not exist – it exists because we believe it, but does not exist at the same time, simply because it is, as you said, mind made.
        Awareness is everything – beyond what we call life or death – awareness is everything.
        Lovely to hear from you,

  2. Hi Roger,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my email. Your reply puts in words what I suspected deep within, but doubted. (More fear! 🙂

    I will certainly explore whether I can find a good Vipassana teacher nearby (I live in Cape Town, South Africa which is littered with psychic development circles and New Agey folk which I left behind long ago). It would be helpful to have guidance from someone who’s experienced the various sensations raised in meditation.

    Thanks again and all the best!!


    1. Hi Cliff … There is a wonderful meditation centre near you, part of the world wide network of centres set up by SN Goenka, a Burmese man who teaches a very practical method of Vipassana meditation – non-religious and extremely well explained during the course.
      It’s a ten day live in course, where you are fed, trained and cared for extremely well, and payment is by donation.
      I began my own relationship with Vipassana meditation with regular 10 day retreats with this organisation here in Australia, back in the ’80’s, so I cannot recommend them enough. They’re wonderful, and the 10 days of silent meditation is a life adventure into the mind and all it is capable of, not to be missed.
      The meditation centre they have near Capetown where you are has a website where you can register and find out what they do:

  3. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for the information…this looks like something I would love to experience (and that’s a whole heck of lot of meditation time in the schedule!!). The challenges I suppose will be first to make the time, and secondly to go skillfully from 10 days of stillness back into the noise of external life!

    I also found that a well known insight meditation teacher and author, Rob Nairn, is giving some lectures in early January so I will go check those out too.

    Thanks again for taking the time to correspond….feels refreshing to have new spiritual explorations to look forward to. My journey actually started after I met a Reiki practitioner and had a healing session with her out of curiosity, and the rest is history! Something happended/shifted and I spent the next 4 years exploring and dabbling in energy healing and mediumistic circles before realizing that that was not the true spirituality I was after. Have pretty much spent the last 4 years or so “going it alone”, reading lots (teachers like Joel S. Goldsmith, Paul Brunton, etc), meditating alone (awareness watching awareness), and just being as morally good as I can be as a person. When I go within and just watch that presence, I sometimes feel like I’m so close to having some sort of irreversible and profound realization, but it always slips away. I think starting to remingle with like minded people could be good.

    Thanks again Roger…I will let you how things are progressing next year!!

    Best Wishes

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