The Unthinkingness of Not Thinking

Got this interesting question on Quora:
“If during meditation you reach a point of no thoughts, then how do you recognize that state without thinking?”

You know it.

You see, what we call ‘thinking’ is a codified form of what the mind does naturally and continuously. That is to say, our mind creates a flow of intuitive ‘knowing’ – it began that way and it will keep creating this flow of ‘thought energy’ until the day we die, and perhaps erven beyond, who knows. .

Most animals codify aspects of this knowing in very rudimentary ways, to be able to communicate with each other. But in general they spend most of their time in real time sync with intuitive flow.

That is, they live from instantaneous knowing rather than thinking.

We, however, have codified this flow so intricately we’ve made it into a virtual reality in our heads, which we can project forward or backward, and within which we have developed the ability to workshop, analyze and invent incredibly sophisticated projections.

That’s our unique human talent – every species had one. Cheetahs have speed, elephants size, and monkeys have agility. We have developed thinking and communication to an incredible degree.

So when we meditate, we’re practicing letting go of the codification, and falling back into instinctive ‘knowing’ – the real time intuitive flow of thought energy our mind creates continuously.

So it’s not as if we enter a ‘thoughtless state’. We simply stop messing about with it and just go with the flow – ‘ship the oars and go with the current’ so to speak.

And what do we find? We find thinking changes from clunky linear languaged arguing, to intuitive knowing. The mind still thinks, but it’s not languaged thinking – its like bubbles of inspiration … continuously. It’s very pleasant.

We just know, that’s all.

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