The Use of Mindfulness/Mental Noting in Life

This audio came out of a talk I had with a friend about mental noting, in which, she mentioned how difficult it was to remember to be mindful, and use mental noting outside… Continue reading

Introduction to Practical Meditation Audio Course

Just finished the introduction to the course last night so I might as well post it here just for the record … ….for those just passing through who are interested, the course can… Continue reading

Depression – is there a special meditation method to deal with it

Audio Course Participant’s Question: “I suffer from depression and it’s very debilitating, to the extent that sometimes I cannot get out of bed. I’ve tried to meditate at those times but it doesn’t… Continue reading

Excema – will meditation help?

Audio Course Participant’s Question: “Hi, I suffer from excema, and I’m wondering if meditation will help with it.” ‘Practical Meditation Audio Course’ – a complete set of meditation lessons to be downloaded as a… Continue reading

Thinking – having terrible trouble with it

Audio Course Participant’s Question: “Can you talk a little about thinking, because even though I know it can’t be stopped, I’m having terrible trouble with it.” ‘Practical Meditation Audio Course’ – a complete set… Continue reading

Can’t sleep, though I have tried basic relaxation exercise

Audio Course Participant’s Question: “I have read your book ‘Happy to Burn’, and tried the exercise you have there which resembles Basic Relaxation in the book, but I still can’t sleep. I’m wondering… Continue reading