Hurts So Good!!


Though the Practical Meditation Audio Course has an MP3 dealing specifically with pain, I’ve received a couple of questions to do with chronic pain, in which, generally speaking people are unsure of whether the meditation method on the MP3 is enough to deal with what they’re experiencing – which is, ongoing and intense pain.

So I’m going to talk generally about pain and our relationship with it, and why the meditation method in the Audio course is an effective strategy.


Meditation Stronger Than Drugs for Pain Relief

Meditation Leads to Greater Pain Relief Than Morphine


‘BEING STILL – MEDITATION THAT MAKES SENSE’, Roger’s new book, is available now.


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(The audiobook includes all the exercises, as well as ebooks of Being Still, to fit any device.)



5 thoughts on “Hurts So Good!!

  1. “Life is Pain, Highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling you something.” Princess Bride

    I am glad you brought this up because there is something that I have been wanting to ask you. In the meditation course.. from the first relaxation exercise on through the other exercises you direct us to focus our attention on the pain.. I understand the principal. But for me I find that in my usual meditation routine I begin with a brief body relaxation/awareness and then I go directly to the breath. As soon as my focus is on the breath all sensations of pain disappear. When I tried to do as the exercise suggested and focus on the pain itself, I found that the pain grew much bigger and lasted much longer before finally being absorbed by the meditation. Because I do have a lot of chronic pain it is so much easier for me to just go to the breath and let go of the pain right away. Am I missing an important step in doing this?

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  3. L:ucy Mays on said:

    Hi .. loved the post. Just started meditating and will buy the audio course. I read your book, Happy to Burn a while ago, and it’s still one of my fave reads. cheers Lucy

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