Can’t sleep, though I have tried basic relaxation exercise

Audio Course Participant’s Question:

“I have read your book ‘Happy to Burn’, and tried the exercise you have there which resembles Basic Relaxation in the book, but I still can’t sleep. I’m wondering if I’m doing it right. I basically lie on my back, feeling the sensations in my body but my mind keeps running away with itself and I lie there just thinking about things. I even forget I’m in bed, I’m thinking that hard. Is there something I can do?”


‘BEING STILL – MEDITATION THAT MAKES SENSE’, Roger’s new book, is available now.


BEING STILL’ is available on Amazon as a softback book …….. AUD $26.40 (incl. GST) 

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(The audiobook includes all the exercises, as well as ebooks of Being Still, to fit any device.)



4 thoughts on “Can’t sleep, though I have tried basic relaxation exercise

  1. Thank you, this was helpful.

  2. Susan Kulka on said:

    Thank you. I too have the same problem with sleep. I will take on board your advice.

  3. I also find it helps to ‘give myself to the bed’ – by that I mean, make sure my body has let go of itself, and totally relaxed into the bed. Sometimes we can bring the days tension to bed with us and not know it because it’s been there so long …and that can disturb sleep …all the best.

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