Essential Reading for Meditation

I found this extraordinary resource in my wanderings on the net.  It’s called Dhamma and all of the greatest teachers of Mindfulness meditation are here … what they wrote, what they said … the core of everything they themselves learned in their long lives. And because most of these great teachers are now dead, this is pure gold. So if you’re serious about meditation, this page is essential reading. It can be found HERE


‘BEING STILL – MEDITATION THAT MAKES SENSE’, Roger’s new book, is available now.


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(The audiobook includes all the exercises, as well as ebooks of Being Still, to fit any device.)


2 thoughts on “Essential Reading for Meditation

  1. 67paintings on said:

    Thanks Roger
    Really useful list… including Thich Nhat Hanh, have you studied with his method?

    • No I haven’t, and in all honesty, do not know much about it apart from what I’ve been told by a friend, who works with him in Paris – I do like his view and the way he speaks though -the delicate poetic form a lot of what he says takes.

      But me being what I am, I tend to the more dry view of the best of the Thai teachers like my own, Acharn Thawee, as well as Maha Boowa and Buddhadasa Bhikku.

      In fact, Buddhadasa’s book, “Handbook for Mankind’ set the frame for me to put what I was being trained into. It’s a brilliant book, as if his ‘Paticcasamuppada: Practical Dependent Origination” … extremely incisive view of the most important teaching of the Buddha.

      I love the practicality and logic of Vipassana, and, being naturally of a hedonistic bent, am very wary of the more euphoric qualities of meditation – which is why a lot of people find me a little too dry for their tastes when it comes to meditation practice.

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